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In order to create a more

In order to create a more

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There are many sources

There are many sources

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Open Culture was founded in 2006.

Open Culture was founded in 2006.

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Planet Congress!!!Yah, they are in their own little world. They sure don't represent us at all!

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i actually thought that those ppl were drunk until i unmuted it. Or i thought that ppl had alcohol in their blood lol


2 things:1. Part 5 should be in 2021 in this way of him uploading2. Youtube still recommend me the first video on the right: Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery - part 1/5 , even if i watched it more than 10 times in the last 2 years (at least 2 times these days when i came back to soviet channel to enjoy some bullshittery).That is not happening to any other video until now. Because i had some videos that i just clicked and haven't watched but they were never recommended again. I had to search for them to see them again.Conclusion: So, youtube is paid by Soviet to have his part 1/5 being recommended forever -))))))...3. Nevil is awesome how he handle the team -)


33:33 [ Delete c:/Program Files/Eyes.exeSuicide. ]


Ryan's scoff at gavin gives me life xD 24:06

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1:59 ray leaving confirmed

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Thanks for answering my question. I'm not a very vocal person and I don't like commenting that often on videos and stuff, but I was very curious about why you named your towns "Forest". I enjoy all of your content on YouTube and JVGS. Thanks for hours and hours of entertainment.

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Glowing spot is back in Horizons now!!

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i absolutely love the way Ray says, "...fuckin' recked"its so goddamn perfect in his tone of voice and the way he conveys it43:22

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Pewdiepie here u go simp