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MARTIN - Minnie Louise

MARTIN - Minnie Louise

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Before you continue looking for your job,

Before you continue looking for your job,

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Chiriac Puiu

one of those "buy it when it's 70% off" games

Braydon Thompson

3:30 Jeremy: aww Ryan...


Ninja te odio eres presumido


17 years!! That amount of dedication is mind blowing. I'm sorry to say that I abandoned my GC copy for City Folk, but I'll forever cherish the good memories this game brought. Thank you for making these videos and for never leaving your animal friends behind. Keep it up man :')

James Barnes

More Dan :)

bo ter berg

Who cares about the economy if life sucks because of it.If the economy is not growing, because of ANYTHING, ask yourself if it is so important anyway.Economy nowadays only thrives when there is an endless growth to cover the expenditures.So in effect it is something that never is achieved, but only something strife for, at the cost of....Also, the economy is mostly part of production, which means producing more CO2, pollution, and a plethora of other crap.Screw the economy. There are more important things.Cheers !

Lil Chipp


declan gaffney

Dude why am I watching this


god bless xbox play anywhere feature :)

Just a Mountainbiker

Where is Elias Pettersson?????

Aaron Shattuck

Nasher, TDI, and TAC. GOD how much crap can be in one video.


Fake deke shot

Vayoma Tayoma

3:34 you can see he does not actually have 1M

dats mee

Here b4 you blow up

Its 0nyx

Michael looks baked in this video

MP Godin

Don’t ever stop being yourself. We don’t listen to your music because you are what they tell you we want. We listen to your music for who YOU ARE. You write these songs while you go through stuff and we listen to them when we’re going through similar shit. Hope you are feeling better now hun. Cheers !


I listened to 2:57 - 3:10 about 20 times


I took a liking to skateboards very naturally before high school. I just gravitated to it. Sadly I didn’t have the support around me to help me progress. Having a walmart board didn’t help either but it was better than nothing. I skate when I can today tho

Preston Collins

This is months later but holy fucking shit Lindsay is stupid


"So it's a hippie and it sucks" - Ryan Haywood circa 2014

Mike Fries

If I make too much money I cannot contribute to my roth IRA.What if I open a roth and contribute for a few years and suddenly I earn too much to contribute to the roth any further?Can I still enjoy tax free growth in that roth even though I don't contribute to it anymore?Thanks,your videos are really helpful.