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Y'all did a great job on these credits.


I got the notification more than a full day later.

Robbie Jarrett

Love this game so much played it the other day

Arrion Jackson

Gavin's subtitle: "It's a jungle out there"

Tony Cassidy

brilliant Adam, thanks a lot, well done

McRonaldsCream Help Me

I use a baseball usually

ANub AtLife

I once found the trapdoor on the second map you guys played I tried to jump through, and somehow the killer grabbed me mid jump like just yanked me out of the whole

David From New York

Whenyou have money....,You can basically say what you want .....and everyone will believe you ..smh

Free Vids

Hey Luke the notable, I am a very big fan! Can you maybe love this comment. If you could do that, I would like it!


I didn't know what a fupa was before this episode so I stopped and looked it up and I really wishedI didn't so I could have played along with Ryan. Think this is my favorite episode yet.

DJ volger Bentley

He 34k sub


this game is better than NHL 18 by a mile

Molly Carlson

I knew it was Minnesota so quickly from living there I don't know if that's good or bad

Jamie Ambrose

ahaha :'D I cant stop laughing...

Top10vlogz !!!

Siglis smells like toe curds immediately after baffle says for a different reason that’s toxic

Elaine D

My mom has started not really wanting to take a shower. Since you mentioned something about shower, why do at least some people with dementia not want to bathe? Thanks. Videos are so helpful!


Resort to mass suicide in the first 4 mins. lol