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Ryan McGowan

Guco Fape only got funnier and funnier


If only you though about Lil Toey when you made your NHL Rap years ago. God I’ve been subbed for a long time.

Rooster Floyd

Ha, ask her nicely! Leave some comedy for the rest of the guys you hysterical bastard!

Matt Przybysz

Do you think they'll ever learn that they can use the entire ice, and don't have to all be immediately bunched up together 5 feet directly in front of the net?Me neither.


Gets holtby twice lol


The key word: single

Benjamin Cydrus

This week Lincoln Parks Front man committed suicide

Mckenzie Boyle

is it just me or does gavin sound more british than usual in this episode?

Peter Chiarelli


joseph tyler

Skipp just be quiet and just watch

TBC Videos

Knew they would over exaggerate everything coz its sponsored -.-

daniel mcgregor

oK bOOmer

Raven Bloodbane

3rd view and i finally understood Lindsay's worm names.