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What attracted you to it?

What attracted you to it?

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What8217s most beautiful about Outliers though, is that

What8217s most beautiful about Outliers though, is that

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I jumped up from my seat when Gavin won. Lol, very good race

Frank Niro Jr.

i live in ct

Adam Edvardsson

wow so much more in this sport than what hits you eye

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"I, dying, fucked him up," is grammatically correct. "Me, dying, fucked him up," is not.

Hockey Pro 576

EA has to fix this damn glitch

MegaLord Jack

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I was there!!! Such an amazing weekend in San Jose!!

Creative Jenius

so Gavin wouldve won if the star wouldve been stolen from michael instead of the random


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"Too much studying at Yale" haha

Iron Lord Kevin

I thought Geoff used to drink? But I'm proud of him regardless


git gud: fortnite battle royal

Trey Hardy

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So what happens if someone who is haunted by the phantom killed the swapper? would the ex-swapper still be haunted by the phantom or does the phantom comeback to life?

Bailord Driesantos Quisalantearo

This is a great movie it feels coded