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With personalized marketing,

With personalized marketing,

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The key to answering

The key to answering

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The last part of the video is his real wife and son


It's truly amazing how much planning it takes on Geoff, Ryan, and Jeremy's part to complete a single pass.


When you are a beast because you can do a crouch jump...


Jeremy and Matt singing Linkin Park at the beginning.

liquid klone

The irony of the guy doing botania, making fun of people who listen to my chemical romance is just too much for this dude to bear.Edit: Nevermind. I thought vazkii and wayoftime was the same dude. Whatever, they practically are.


Lindsay: "Who wants to have a party underwater?"Pumpkin Party In Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse .

Mimi Tamar

I U. You are my hero

Jeff Mclearen

Awesome video! I was yelling

vl Azorah lv

yoooooooooooo i was in nashers video i was the very last clip

Austin Osgood

Hope there isn't A Y2K or something that loses all of my commenTz / progress lollolololol

Brett Cahill

Imagine having Bob as a dinner guest


Why don’t we talk about other investments than the stock market?You can invest in retail estate, land, antiques, starter business’ ....what other investments can we do?