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Koskinen was setting up for Karlsson, didn't even see Theodore at the end there. Fantastic game by Koskinen.

Lexie B

I've been watching every part of this in a row and in this part they had the exact same conversation than in another previous part (don't remember which one) about what Ryan owns. I just find it funny xD


I never get my players sold

Marc Kelly


H Tran

awesome letsplay


Anyone else shocked when she said she served time?


you where aired byis towards the bruins because luchi shoud of got a 92 a kerch shoud have got a 89


"who won ww2 ? " i stoped video afther that.

Marcus Whitfield

I can honestly see why Ethans dad left.....

iiJackie Idk

I could never make a perfect house

Professor Fuzzymuffins

It's kind of sad how he gets his hopes up every year.

rifaath mumthaz


Little Snuggle

Fedora Expert = Fexpert

King Harkinian

Chacanger it's 2011 :P

justin Beutelspacher

This still gives me chills.

DoctorCyber Mini games

how did lannan get 4th when it said he got 3rd

Anonymous Ally

Does no one get Ryan’s fusion-ha at the beginning of the video?

Arbiter Sux

Ah, my eyes, I hate the default goalie camera.

Laura Greece

Wait... what movie is jack in????