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They werent merely

They werent merely

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I love the scene in Moneyball when you see a depressed Hatteberg sitting at home with his family, worried about his future, and Billy comes and tells him it's not over... Hatty went on to play the best days of his career after that. Just awesome.

kyle parker

EUCALYPTUS!!! Man memories ripray

forest gump

The depopulation event, The crumbling of another government civilization system plan to fail like a nuclear plant and contaminate what are we trying to save everybody now 8 billion people and nobody’s allowed to die no pain pills either for your disabled citizens next you’ll be taking away the peoples food , land and freedom.Make up your corrupt corporate mind leaders of demonocracy

Stephen Anthony

Such a good song

Alex Pitarys

3:20 is it just me or anze kopitar has been on crack for 5 years

Lucas Walasek

Lol I’m the opposite... I have Mobile phone and check my accounts daily.. I took marketing in college and know all this fun stuff.. I know how much money I spent on everything lol... here in Canada we get free movies when we use a card called scean visa

Hl Mnt

what does cory said at the beginning? funny video btw :')


I'm so ready for the Rimmy Tim batmobile. What do you think he'll call it? I'm gonna go with the Batty Tim.


4:19 Gavin Free logic: Can't change the contrast/brightness on Ryan's monitor to look normal for him, but operates six figure slow mo cameras and edits the videos on a PC that cost $14200 to put together (according to the end of their $8000 upgrade video in August)

Ruben van Dijk

Thanks for doing this tutorial, Sting!


they had him come in like a WWE Superstar

James K

21:36 Gavin you sexist bitch, you think only men can be terrorists


2009 H1N1 Virus under O'Bama--12,469 deaths.I guess his plan wasn't "shovel ready".

Cecil Gatlabayan


Melissajo Nason

Pinus balls


Geoff that reaction


7:49. "way to go champ!"8:06 "You only live once" Ryan is becoming Ray?

Monkey Baby Ni

Can a woman do this better, I just think so?

charles nokes

This is all bullshit....this "code" is broken constantly in almost every fight and game

morningtide Harofrost

This one please

Alex Rodriguez

More like Mr. avin

Technica1 Rage

If anyone lives on a farm or ranch a llama will fight off coyotes and have the beset defense vs any other animal other than dogs... Horses also have a better tracking than blood hounds

Thomas Lemmers


Alejandro Acosta

Thank Thank goodness


41:20 I'm surprised Jack didn't mention where Mr. Bigglesworth is from.That's old school WoW (Kel'Thuzad's cat).

Jolly Giants

Those are some big turds. The game has some big pieces in it too.

Braddah Leeks

Holy shit that Deathmatch where Gavin won had me laughing so hard I sounded like Bruce from Funhaus!!!


Bitch you could've started 2007I'm Oilers fan

Axzealot 3

Ahh the Nanners map

Jeffrey Haton

Everyone is freaking out about the cheating I'm just wondering what the heck all that noise is about 30 minutes in.