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What the heck was Luca Lampariello

What the heck was Luca Lampariello

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Failed to reach the recipient.

Failed to reach the recipient.

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What did the gangster say about the guy who had a bunch of sex?Himalaya


vegas in 6

asordid reality

It's impossible to watch a video more than once when Lindsay is in it.

Hockey Snipez3462

How did u get those pads


So NHL 06 was the strike season. I'll remember that.

Marvin Nash

Baseball is so fucking boring. But there are a few great baseball movies. And this one is the best.


cool vid,thanks for sharing..........even though its threes the goalies look weak about a revie of gameplay....oh and if anyone has it i would love a ps4 code

The Survivalist

Easy they live by their emotions!

Zelk Productions


Johm Strom

yes thanks and please


I want to see them git gud itd be great to see them actually have fun with the game when they learn how to fly lol

Yeet Gamer69

There is a little bit of lag for me

Linh Voung

I hate to say it but the rocket Richard has to go to Oscars Gormley or Bo Alfredson.


amazing story, i loved crash but never knew they made so much effort to be ahead of their time.


you make a circle with 1 cable tie/zip tie then the other one threads through the 1st circle and becomes a second circle (2 interlocked circles making a figure of 8) 1 wrist goes in to each circle and then you tighten those down. Any attempt to do this shit just tightens them. also use a decent thickness cable tie.


They need to play some Megaman X or Super Meat boy so they can learn how to properly wall jump.

Barbershop Cole

Feels bad Saw how much time was left and knew it wasn't gonna end well for the hat boys