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Tomohiko Tatsuno

I like how this didn't notice this was a super smash bros map.


its davedays not Glee

Ichiraku ramen

actual meeting between arsenals manager unai emery and stan kroenke

Lets Talk Hockey

So lucky.

Alexander N

This would have been so easy to implement for fifa - from the streets to the prosI would have loved it!!!


Jamie Benn definitely deserved a suspension for that hit. OEL was playing for the puck, and Benn had plenty of time to slow himself and not make the hit or deliver such an impact.


AMAZING JOB everyone. WOW! loved the inclusion of under-represented characters like Tina and Karofsky and such. It was all soooo perfect!


Gavin's drawing was easily the worst how'd he win that mini game?

Jack Novello

Riberos were the best, Datsyuk were more classic and famous

joshua b-herrera

The comeback is real

Emily Bear


Aidan Silvaggio

Do goals scored after dissaloud goals

Tyler Perkins

so nothing added tofranchise mode or be a pro?

Charuzu The Danklord

Moonbase Alpha Version 2

Soccer T.v

Keep it up Finn you are doing so good keep it up

Vincent Vancalbergh

20 minutes in, skimming through the thumbnails for the rest of the video.. "Oooo boy..."


People: Jack ruins videos.Me: No Trevor ruins videos.

Eric R

If it was a gerbil I'd have used a lute!

lor walm

Because he is small for defenceman


Ooo a new intro finally

JJ Kaeshoefer


C Park

In My Opinion I think the 2008 2009 series was the best, 2009 makes me disappointed though because it went to game 7 at Joe Louis Arena, The red wings were the best at home, Darn Maxime Talbot

cole rob

where’s seguin?