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For businesses that need to

For businesses that need to

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DO practice the motto, 8220short drop off,

DO practice the motto, 8220short drop off,

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If youre programming for your startups

If youre programming for your startups

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I always love the COD LPs because the crew seems to genuinely enjoy themselves playing

Ethan Kirt

Where was sanfordsgoal when blues won the cup

Minnu K

Thank you

Grim Skull

what happened to the worms video that was posted today?

Jeremy Tarrant

Honestly don't like the new Mario party


pat sajak looks like a vanilla wafer

Let's Make It Official

FUcking amazing comp hahaha

Copperhead Airsoft

It's ok if you like the devils they r a good team. But from my perspective, I like the ducks. I could see that u were quite confused based on where that sticker should go. Actually it goes on the remote, under the button, right side up. I have a goal light to but wih out the silver plastic cage... Cool video! )


The thing is he doesn’t rebirth at all...

Pow Getrekt

Fr. Straight facts. Lebron is a drama queen and I'm a Lebron fan.


Is he paid by the minute?

Prudence Chilufya Tembo

Funny how every person comes saying "hey Corden!!" and also wats up with the cursing (gold)


Thanks this helped me allot

Amelia Rose

Know what it was (at the beginning of the last game) the door opened at the very last second right before it crushed him. It was a Garbo Miracle!