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Webinars usually give participants the opportunity

Webinars usually give participants the opportunity

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Telephone Mystery Shopping.

Telephone Mystery Shopping.

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Ryan's hobo voice sounds like PatFan's Soldier 76


With David Mitchell, Greg Davies and Richard Osmon dressed similarly, they look like two dads taking their boy to a wedding.

Evil Paragon 4

6:08Gavin says he's building stairs up to the platform.It's a platform.


Next time, they should have the thing where they carry 2 primary weapons. I don't remember the name but I use it often it could be handy to Gavin and Ryan considering he takes a sniper with him, he could carry a SMG or rifle or something to shoot both close and long range with the same class. It truly comes in handy in situations like theirs.


Avengers 4: EndGame trailer just been released by Marvel

CNC Cocoa

I am not a fan of Jack, but damnit do I have to respect his Injustice 2 skills. The man fucking destroyed.

Trash can Joe

This is still my favorite cod

Michael Humphries

make thia available on mobile pls

3:14sad gamer noisesmy favourite part of the video besides the video itself lol

Loft Ballerina

Tom, I m pretty sure Lisa would disagree with this guys open relationship talk personally so do I. I think is an excuse for duchebaggerymascarading as an enlightening world view. Sorry not sorry at all!

Sam Curry

Lindsay finished 3 races?!What madness is this?


So glad it was Gavin and not Michael that dethroned Matt.


This game is a pile of garbage

Jake Johnson

Can someone please explain why contributions to the plan are not considered in determining ending PBO?


This just further proves the issues and laziness with EA and the NHL franchise. "You can almost fire it from anywhere." How the hell is that fun?

King Odin

W intro

Capital Cashflow

1. Spend less than you earn2. Buy assets not liabilities3. ??4. Profit!


Matt's voice when he said "I like monopoly" just cracked me up.

Corbin Selanne

1:26:00 best moment of the LP."I'M IN A TREE!I DROVE UP A TREE!" Michael Vincent 'Mogar' Jones, 2013


Driving down your freeway...well we can discount the 405...if you have been to LA u know what I mean.

Wob Nobbenstein

5: 40 or so when Ekblad slashes Johnny's hands then Johnny gets him back? Fuckin golden

Brody Neufeld

How do you change your jersey in hut on Xbox one

Endless Code



I personally like call of Kthulu better because you can here the bass so clearly. R.I.P. Cliff