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In this day and age, the accessibility to

In this day and age, the accessibility to

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5% of GDP,

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Mlprocks Ilovefluttershy40

What about paths

Drew Bowden

I say git gud in this

Tony Tiger

his life and career is more interesting than any game he has played.

Cedric McCague

I recently played a drop in 6v6 game that went double ot and finish 3-2. Def the best game I was ever in.


26 minutes of Adam breaking games. Must be some kind of record!


Da best

Bill Sembach

Man, watching this brings back SO many great memories...having been able to see Eric Lindros play for Philly...and just the way he was a beast on ice....huge man and fast as the wind.....what could have been.


Keith Dickson

Was Mr Trump’s rug at the cleaners? Is that the reason for the red hat? Make America gag again....

Toby Child

Geoff running back to get Millie was beautiful, But Jeremy ordering Geoff an Unexpected Dragon was pure genius, I love Rooster Teeth sometimes the perfect mix of reality and insanity.

Bria Jones

Zack efron your hired!!!

Mikey StarChild

The Draconic bow reminds me of a fishing pole


If only Kia's brain trust in manufacturing would build these in a sensible time frame.... Then I would gladly buy one over a Model 3 but as Tesla appear to have their shit together on this front I am going for that instead.Sort it out Kia.

Peter Spence

song goes so good with the video! keep it up man!

morgan reacts

she's good at that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Archiver JZL

Here’s a change in request. Can you make videos of the planet of the apes series like dawn, war, conquest and battle of the planet of the apes

Chandolu Chinna

Pls pray for my grandmother suffering with cancer pray for extension her life time sirshenamesowbhgyama

Just Alex

The most vicious Tumbstone Piledriver of all time delivered with so much hate ! (kayfabe) at 20:22

Peter Pyne

26:48 had me in tears LMAOOOOOO

Ellen S

I was wondering what the hell Ryan was up to that he wasn't really being shown omg


I have done this myself, martial arts is actually crazy in vanilla. Since you can just train strength by just filling backpacks with iron til you get over 70 strength and you are pretty much good to go. It takes time but the reward is crazy when you look at the damage numbers haha

Llamazebraduck bam

Where's the kill feed?! Where's the kill feed?!