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Get your customers involved.

Get your customers involved.

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"When are we not playing for the Tower of Pimps?"The question that people are asking now in 2017."Why are they not playing for the Tower of Pimps?"

Dave G

Hey Jeff I am redoing a d/w ceiling for a Florida lanai.The last guy to do it [a professional??] did a really bad job. It lasted less than two years. the tape, the mud is peeling/falling from the ceiling d/w in nice chunks. Where he taped and mud, it is mildewing.I don't think he used the right type of mud [it mildewed]I don't think he used the right type of tape [or installed it wrong]Right now I am scraping off everything he did.My first big job in this area. Can you give me some pointers and what products to use?Thanks, Dave. G.


Anyone else watching these videos now mostly excited for more "Ryan, do you own...?" xD

Leena Dey

there are reasons figures skaters don't like hockey players. :/

Bob Joe

i love Michael and his full metal alchemist references

MikeDezel 2319

These are the ones I miss


The UFO shooting was so dumb. You'd shoot him, break his spaceship, and then help Gulliver repairing. That mini-game casts us into the role of a pyromaniac that's also the firefighter that helps extinguish the houses he burns down. I'm glad Gulliver reverted to washing up on our shore in New Leaf.




Michael "babies don't really need clothes" Jones now a father


happy new yearrrrr! lol'd


these people are working


Nice!the train didn't do the proper horn blows

v Bertun

Update your NHL 17 rosters, boom. NHL 18


Ryan's fucking Whitebeard! No one can pick him up, and he got knocked out standing up.

The Drunk Apple


Chef Jeff

I made a rookie mistake. The day before Ovi and Kane TOTW released, TOTW collectibles went for 9k. I forgot to check the price of them, and I sold 17 TOTW collectibles for 9k each on Wednesday when they were going for 15k each. Lost about 90k in profits. Whoops!