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We found an average income of

We found an average income of

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That was the best weekend of my life CBJ

Susan Kay

The US President is inept and ineffectual in the face of a national crisis.His prevaricating communications have finally caught up with him.Liesand prayers won't relieve this epidemics ravages on citizens.He is done.

colby cirice orion

"There is no happy thoughts! There is only rain!" - Ryan Haywood, 2017


The mcfleury :)

Ich heie Mary Und ich liebe dich

The last time I listened to this when I was 33. Now I am running for 36 and still listening to my teenage music! So perfect! Nothing can beats 90's music! And today is 11th January 2020. Wow! How time flies.....

Tyler Johston

This isn't fking Mario kart racing

Julie Myers

Omfg this is stupid. No one ever flunked out after answer 2 questions wrong.


Always sucked

Bigwave 1

I have tears in my eyes for the chills I feel listening to this masterpiece ... it takes me back at least 30 years .. They were at the top and I think they were and will always be a unique reference point.

AI: beats 1 levelAlso AI: this was just the beginning -?


I got way too excited when the ice cream category came up since all the wrong answers were creations from Coldstone Creamery and i used to work there so i knew all of em hahaha

Pearl Galaxy

Damn, you have Kabuki ! He's my favorite villager by far-- I got to buy his card to get him in NH.Also Goldie ! She's super lovely. Glad you got her to stay !

fob - diehard

ima90sgirl It is the third episode in the second seaon...it is called grilled cheesus

Brayden Gelowitz

Born on the 6th of december!

Sandi Gagic

Watch it be Eminem

Richard Avelino

Congrats on Jack for winning his participation fee

Phil Gazzara

13:10 "no one wants to lose to you." Yikes

PearlOfEgypt !

they need to do this but with the new import and export vechileson hand

Mario Castillo

Hermosa msica