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I got the holeshot,

I got the holeshot,

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5:44 "No one a-likes me." Fucking hilarious for some reason lol good one Matt.


I would love to see some more Stop It Slender.


Does the money we need to put away in your scenario include the 401 we save from work?Or are you maybe talking about the IRA only?


Gavin, Dominating each round

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My heart goes to all adults living with such painful scars.. God, thru friends and His creations, will heal you, especially when you allow them too. Let us not do our very best NOT to perpetuate these crimes to our future generations but instead instill the legacy of LOVE.

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as an aussie, it is INSANE to me that people don't know platypus and echidnas are mammals that lay eggs

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So I wonder why the title changed.It was Jeremy Dueley which is a gag I miss dearly.

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I just realized, after going back to watch this, that they only needed one piece of wood, to make 4 wooden planks, thus making their wooden tower

Dylan McFadden

His ass gonna pop off what r you wearing women’s tights?

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Love Pete such an great guy man

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Like if sidgils is a bot


Dave is making an unfair criticism of the Washington Post article at the beginning of this segment. The article was comparing the odds ratios (a common measure of likelihood in the statistics / research world), not the response proportions. 46% of responses from Christians is an odds ratio of 0.85 (46 / 54) while 29% of responses from non-Christians is an odds ratio of 0.41 ( 29 / 71). The odds ratio for Christians (0.85) is more than double odds ratio for non-Christians (0.41). "Let me show you how your belief affects your behavior" says the (usually smart, but in this case not so much) guy who chose to misinterpret the statistics provided to fit his narrative.

Michael B.

I almost died by laughing