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Fire Flesh

Money is so fucking annoying

Tyler Fries

Everyone making interesting hard traps, meanwhile ryan just makes things impossible or completely blows up the hard traps. Kind of ruins it.


Hey man don’t know if you’re still here but just wanted to let you know that I loved these and appreciated them cause they were the shit


We all want our "Walk of Fame and Formula"

Tobi West

When Millie started talking during the ghost level scared the living daylights out of me.

veyyes sanchez

It looks amazing omg

Paul VK1904

Welche kamera Einstellung ?


19:1523:05Need my own timestamp


The Stars just need some young players, trade all the veterans, they basically need to to the hockey version of what the Oklahoma Thunder has done..... just get new forward and defense lines, keep some of the good players, leave the goalies be though... our goalies are better than ever.... if the Stars get a new coach, trade the old guys for some young blood scorers, and work on their defense, they will be a solid team! The Stars have such high potential to be a Stanley Cup team, if they change up everything, they could win the Stanley Cup 4-6 times (not in a row of course) before needing to change up again, all professional teams need change ups and right now that’s the Stars....

The Nubs - Gta

This contest was rigged just like the one with Blake griffin

Jose Tenorio

Bought a charles woodson autographed framed photo a couple years ago at a pawn shop for $100. Gonna sell it on Craigslist after hes inducted in the nfl hall of fame

Cody Batte

aW mAn I hAd 4 cLuES 14:15


45:05 oh my god this was the funniest. Michael and Jeremy just dicking around while Jack just silently walks by in the background with a flag in his inventory.

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Ryan is my favorite person