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Writing requires students to slow down

Writing requires students to slow down

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Think about it though8230 maybe it doesn8217t

Think about it though8230 maybe it doesn8217t

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Robert Phillips officiating.

Robert Phillips officiating.

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Your application won't be

Your application won't be

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Is it just me or does Michael mess up East and West a lot? Am I misreading the rainbow six compasses?

Neil Wyllis

Whoever is watching you are going to be so disappointed. By the way this is a good lecture.

Hoang Tran

hearing theres an 8 player human fall flat made me moist

Lucy Lambert

I feel as if I'm staring at the matrix, only yellow


I just want Lannon to succeed


77 Tom Gilbert

Fox Winters

Putting TNT in the tunnel right next to Plan G. Wouldn't everyone notice that the crater suddenly got wider? It never reached Gavin's Trophy Room of being a dick biscuit before. It will now though.

Samuel Cheffins

30:50 Goddamn. It might as well be a tentacle

XxRobotTheFirst R0B0T

23:31 did anyone hear that he said Day eeeighty

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The whole sun thing gave me a headache it got me mad


Gavin I wouldn't pay out Americans for genocide you clearly must not know much about your British heritage and indigenous Australians or when the British landed in India.

John Huang

You are literally saving my grade right now in my accounting course.

Jack Reacher

It just hockey what more do you people want out of it? Just don't buy it!


Rainbow six Siege Mansion. Jelly u should play it

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I have NHL18 coming in Tuesday!!!!!!