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Continue reading for my top tips and enjoy!

Continue reading for my top tips and enjoy!

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Features like polls, questions, chat, and

Features like polls, questions, chat, and

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Kendall Moody

MORE TERRORIST TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The One Man Who Beat You

This was like an entire Git Gud series compressed into one video

Alfredo Gonzalez


Caleb Heinis

If it's not the airport, it's chilliad, or both.

Wrath Shrek

taping the balls NO!!! sucking the balls :D


I just saw the finale and now this. So beautiful!! <3 I'm so happy to be apart of this group again! 

Noah Sanders

Lindsey comparing the three stooges in Mulan to Jeremy, Gavin, and Jack is so perfect.22:24 for those who need a timestamp.

Julian Medina


New Chapter

or for studying for gerontology finals)


Gulliver is best boi

Rahim Zidane

99 .percent of these people thought wwe was real lol back in the days


Shouldn't Tyrion star with only half health.

Jamie Vassar

when was this filmed? this is vintage gav hair for sure

ichiJAZZ .tv

That moment 42:43 when you realize Geoff was at achievelantis


Didn't save the animals.... not the 100% the good ending

Suryansh S

Petetion for cool not cool

b lemon

If you have a sssmegging compass, Jeremy, you don't need to look at the fArting sun, because you got a compass IN YOUR SHITTING HAND, JEREMY!


ok so every time they do a team match and a new lineup is made I try and come up with a team name until one is officially established. when I saw that it was Matt, Jeremy, and Ryan, my brain went 'Team Mattle Buddies' because it's the Battle Buddies plus Matt and it's so stupid I just hate myself right now but I had to share it because it's so fucking stupid

Izaya Vazquez

Love the video so keep it up

Qdog steel

Best video ever