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Gerard McAlea

You are trash

rashell ponce

you spell geoff jeff

Roblox of Doge

I have this mario party 8 wii had 2 years old!

Al-tyraik Adu


Dawn Breaker

That was an amazing play Gavin! Very well done!

Lafdhuun Gashay

This is why i love hockey

Dylan Lutz

Duddu you should play Ark survival evolved

Angel 8317

Their at ep. 198. 2 episodes left!


RIP staff

mark f

this doesnt happen even in a third world country..donkeys

Sean Durham

Shout out to Eugend Levy. Canadian comedy!!!


She doesnt anything exept her precious satan xD


i got the 200th like can I have nhl 18 on any system i have both

Einar Karlsson

Ni ska brena er

ASMR withNathan

How is Florida and Texas on this list


maybe they will finally stop treating crosby like a baby


Did he say they are comics from the nineties? If that’s the case then his comics are worth a fraction of $200k. That was the worst period for comics.


Michael should have replaced his face with garboman

Christina Mikolay

Good job Romanyou are my fav by the way I u.

lilbigboyjr. kris p bacon

You betta than Sigils Henwy and Biffle


Ryan: "Who did it?"Everyone else: "Who do you think did it?"Sums up sky factory very well.


So, Raghunathan is basically a stereotypical twat waffle we've all experienced in any F1 online session, right?


Could ya not squeeze in a few more ads, fucking parasite

Rob Roy

I'm still waiting for a kaizo block to be over that pit so when Poo dumps Yoshi, he gets a KAIZO BLOCK OUT OF NO WHERE!


Nice video

Kurt Manion

Let's pick rookies that haven't done shit lol

Owen Dowler

Looks like with in the next 1-2 weeks the oilers will be getting Yamamoto, Neal, Kassian, Klefbom, AA and Nygard back. Hopefully they can go on a run!