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All of our kids are sensitive to

All of our kids are sensitive to

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Discussions can become heated and

Discussions can become heated and

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FYI, powdered sugar is extremely flammable and can cause a "dust explosion". Sugar refinery explosion is a common occurrence for this exact reason. Please don't do this (Or do as you like, I can't stop you).

Robban Dahlgren Jonsson

Please don't take this the wrong way but you guys are idiots.

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Mabe Lazor tag as a map

Pulla Hiiri

I have funny goal but the recording is bad.

Tv cassyopea

Question is.. how many servers in EU??


33:54 Papa Roach's Last Resort as preformed by Donald Duck.


All I can hear is Brockmire going "Fatty Bumbalatti....Fatty Bumbalatti....."


All i need is a good be a pro and im buying this game


anybody know what episode this was?

PapaRod 61

Stop pausing it so much

lolly pop

i cant stand brad pitt hes such a tool too cool for school

Veljko Tekijaski

At the beginning Gavin shoot Jeremy in the head,you can clearly see that he didn't shoot the shield but up the shield and killed him

Gabriel Malinis

Word of the day: TODAY!


They are so good at this


I notice Jeff has a bottle of Maker's Mark.


Damn, that was some good gameplay! Hope there will be a part 2 soon.


I usually don't click on these video essays because they're like 1 or 2 hours long, which most of it ends up being repetitive and could be easily summarized, but you managed to fit more content into a 20 min than I've seen in those 1 hour videos. Good points too, I've heard a million times that new vegas is "more like an rpg" and FO3/4 is "more like an fps with rpg elements". The retrofuturism thing is actually something I haven't seen said before.