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Here are a few

Here are a few

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Obviously there may be

Obviously there may be

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But does error correction (henceforth EC)

But does error correction (henceforth EC)

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8 weeks that

8 weeks that

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Tanner 69s

Jeremy and Michael a little faded is the best


16 times - knee rehabilitation :o

NoWing Dragon

12:39 Sheriff hat casually makes a reappearance

Bob Dolemite

Ryan sounds so much like Brian Posehn.


28:45 and they never saw achievement city after that again


I don’t know why but I feel adrenaline

Gil Gascon

Oh my God kids are so talented

Caps Lock

Enlighten me please. "Daddy" and "The Boy" as leather chickens?


Doctor: You Have 14 minutes to liveMe:

Taylor S

Wow the fact thereenacted that

Bjrn Otto Vasbotten

Phoebes laughter can cure coronavirus


for some reason i found what michael said about lindsy being casui when he's banjoo to be really romantic


Captain serious.

Gracyn Sieracki

All their intros tho lmfao like shut up

Sarah Strickland

I live for these intros


34:51 Jeremy, what are you doing?

Skull Crusher Gaming

Who thinks Jimmy is Bill gates secret son


Go Wichita Thunder!!!

Pix Burgh


Riley Duffy



1:40 nice apple

ewan andrew

So it not the top 25......its the top 100.......

Apollon, Primarch of the 22nd

How do they not know that the Hall is in Clue?!How else do you get into the house!

Jo Jo

9:32 to 9:39How Bites the Dust works.


Oh my God. I haven't played this in years, and I forgot how much more I loved the dialogue in this game compared to the newer ones! Some of the things the animals say is pure gold!

Godzilla Hrddisksson

Who's fault is it if I don't retire with a million dollars living in Sweden?

Jamie Meiklejohn

Fantastic content. The ribcage feeling helped me know i was in the right position.

Steven Martynek

Dude all the things you complained about, obsidian has done too. You're wrong is pretty much every way it's hilarious.Example 1: The kings from Vegas are as much of goofy fucking bozos as the guy who sells swattas in FO4.There were plenty of well established places in FO3 besides the big ones (Megaton and Tenpenny Towers), like Rivet City, Little Lamplight, The Pitt and many more. You say Bethesda doesn't understand fallout nut YOU don't understand fallout. They took the game in a slightly different direction and you're butthurt that so many more people played it after that. Bethesda may have kept some things from the old ones but i would argue its to keep people like you quiet and happy.Also you said there is no story to the new ones, you're out of your mind. The institute was chilling when I first played FO4, and I loved how in FO3 you escape a vault to try and find your dad. New Vegas had the weakest story IMO but it still was cool helping decide a war. And the DLC was on point.I agree that they could have done a better job in the more recent games in with adding more guns, monsters, etc. But you're soooo wrong about the world building. FO4 was like 50% rebuilding the world if you played Vault 88and Nuka World. I may not have played the Fallout 1 or 2 nearly as much in comparison to the newer ones, so maybe what i'm saying sounds the same to you as what you are saying sounds like to me, but it seems like you haven't even played the new games at all.

Rednaxela Robert

As much as i loathe and generally hate Jack, with every fiber of my being, That goal at 10:25 was all Ryan's fault, not Jack. Ryan doesn't know how to admit he fucked up without blaming someone else.

Brandon Withnell

that was hilarious when michael went to collect all those boxes that were together just to blow up a mine hidden under them XD

eddahbi eddahbi