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Louis Letourneau

Nice training vid!


i think gavin just learned gta v has 3 variations of critical land, low medium and high, if im not mistaken about low and medium existing 100% sure races have it on high, meaning its most common in a race, and i always felt it happened more in SP than in MP, making them medium and low respectively could be wrong about that second part though

Liam Usher

I have the same stick has you


Why did you leave out the cinematic of the resurrection..?


How do you record and edit and post?


I like how often someone says they're fucked out of frustration only to end up back in the race a couple minutes later. These were really well made by Rockstar


Holy shit!!!!! They got fucking guuuuudddd!!!!! What?!?!!?!?!?

Dawn Cody

I feel like Panarin should score a couple goals

Aidan Sampson

nice vid but y r u taking slapshots at the crease

Shawn Wesson

Y'all remember Inception?


Trivial Pursuit and Cloudberry in about a week? Fuck yes.

Angelina Gasparetti

Your videos are like a breath of fresh air, as a milenial probably never had thanks to boomers


I wanna be Vanass


ok this was pretty dam hilarious i mean i can't really think of one that ain't funny but i mean definitely some of them stand out more then others like greki hands down

Arthur Hall

Are we going to hire a dwarf?!Enter Jeremy


Both Bruce and Adam being mean to Spoole xD Poor guy


that was Ireland not italy