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The agreement involves using funds from the.

The agreement involves using funds from the.

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-Wayne Train

He doesn't deserve to be in the Top 100.

Salina Williams

4:26 OH FUCK NO!!!


Michaels good but he knows how to really choke

Skull King

Too bad Michael gav already put the slow mo in XD

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now after the direct i dont think to much power over the town can really be accomplished


Please don't ever do this in Jersey again.

100bullets miranda

i want flame on

Symere Woods

Why am I not getting these in my subbox?

kouadio marius


Bryan Yap

This is bullshit, E.T and Electric Phillips aren't here :(


At 45:45 Ryan's critique of Mario Party.


22:18 fucking hilarious and probably true


pretty sure you can craft when its not your turn

uwill willnotknow

You can have the jacket on with the jersey on top

Amshuman Mishra

The only man who made me laugh without speaking a single word.


What about EASHL? Literally the only good thing about this game. You're a joke, EA

Dark Lady Nightroad

It's funny, Andy does "I assumed it would be Game of Thrones or something" and I googled most expensive TV Shows ever. Turns out? Game of Thrones is currently the first.

Wayne Parke

The computing power to run multi-variate non-linear econometric regression analysis back then would have been crazy expensive.While you have the computing power on your phone today, back then it would have taken a main frame.


good music for listen by having relations sexuantions

Conor Emery

This franchise mode is so good!You make it so immersive with the Twitter accounts and all the interviews you talk about.Keep up the great work!