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William Petterson

Okay, did we ever find out what the tunnel was?


So dave basically said that the right wing wouldve said something better than this article that he believes is left and liberal. Yet he claims both sides are wrong and arent gonna help you. Hes so Republican he doesnt even realize it. Despicable.

Mad King Wedge

Its hilarious how confidently Ryan says "idiots" when he punches Gavin and Michael.

Mike Saunders

You can't block punches with your face buddy!

Stenio Manna

when you want life to be at a pause maceoplex godsofelectronicmusic support you all the way along

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If this game is shallow then I would kindly ask you to show me a game that is not. Thank you.

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What I noticed way early is hygiene changes.They may stop takingshowers/baths as often, stopping wearing makeup, wearing the same clothes without washing or wearing them to bed to wake up and go out in the clothes they wore to bed.I havebeen a care giver for my mom and husband at the same time and now just my husband. Not fun!


you forgot to mention that michigan pretty much has their own league with canada the OHL

Grisela Aguirfe

When I was a kid I was watching this while my mom was at the railroad single and when I was watching this my mom thought a train was coming


lllable25 yeah absolutely!

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I swear I never seen an athlete have fans who worship him as much as lebron does!! I mean this dude can go 0-30..choke an entire playoff..shoot 20 airball in a row and they would make excuses for him..that's why you cant even take lebron stans serious!! There is nothing there king can do wrong...they want him to be better then mike so bad..if you not on lebron's tip like his fans then they call you a hater

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2018 rewatching some legendary videos

hayden bolcato

jeremy dying of laughter is so funny

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Oh you can make purpur pillars!?


watching this video made me want to buy a zentorno and an entity in gta online


I'm glad after not watching ah for about a year I haven't missed much in this series