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Are you knowledgeable

Are you knowledgeable

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"But there is nothing else we

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Which platform or of these opportunities are going

Which platform or of these opportunities are going

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What is minimum amount to start ?What about in case of Death before turns into 60?

V-Jose Playing Card Deck Reviews

Personally I did the Seattle Thunderbirds. I've also created the Portland Grizzles using that logo. Why would you create a twitter for this?


"Collecting for the ps1 is really cheap" looks up Castlevania symphony of the night on Amazon -$300QQ

Frazer Sunderland


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E = mc2

Lindsay is sooooo funny OMG HILARIOUS! If you're pandering twat that is.


Did Glee copy Mean Girls? Lol

FlamingFlareonYT 100 Subs Each Year

Before I Watched This I Just Pressed Random Buttons To Try To Do The Dekes. I Did Some But Not Very Often. Now I Can Actually Do Them Thanks Legacy


So..they do this for a living?

Kaede B.

Why don't they just kill a shit load of cows and get a ton of money for beef?

- Offset

I agree with everything youre saying. I feel ea just needs to bring back some of the creativity they used in previous years and touch up the gameplay a bit including cleaner goalie animations.

Life of Normal people

The end is near

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Centennial King


Anyone know a link to what all the unlocks are?

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Min boti

GFish 17

I love Porn. I hope I've earned your trust.Vote for me as your county sheriff.

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ya dead ya dead should be implemented in the game

Pamela Jacobs

Season 1 and 2's costumes are better than Season 3


15 points in 30 games for Barkov. I think he has proved something.


Trocheck requested a trade out of Florida

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Never had the chance to need to get a map to find a mansion I always either start a new world next to one, or on top of one with 3 others around it