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For instance, is

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These strategies are

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Always introduce the

Always introduce the

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Once you have a clear

Once you have a clear

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Donnie Blanco

what a jolly fuck

Lote Lva Gabranova


Frank Lamb

LOL "I didn't mean to this game is fucking weird!"

Christian Pearson

I went to a colubous game for my bday and they lost 4-0 to caps


I want to do this so bad, i have a shooting pad and a net and everything ready to go, I just cant find the space to do it!' My driveaway is really slanted, i have no yard, my basement and garage are off limits according to my parents, i cant use street, and we dont have a truck or anything that we can put the net in to take it to a public park or anything. Any suggestions?

Benoie Arseneau

This could be a monthly thing and I be happy

james tomlin

did he stutter at time 59:17-19?Lol


Did they turn the water purification plant into a dump? The amount of trash on the floor throughout this entire video is massive.

John Billings

They’re just spraying me with some refreshing H2O

Nicole Linke

Ich habe das Spiel selber das ist sehr sehr geil


That new car question is misleading the callers are usually saying new used cars when he is asking about brand new cars

Mason Brooks

The golf club throw had me dying

TJ Mcfadden

Thank God for the TTT playlist and let us always remember that it was this video which gave us the greatest mercenary team of all time(and my favorite hoodie) the Battle Buddies!!!