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T his article was originally

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Carolyn Boyd

Groove maker.

Richard Carlson

Green knows what this team is made of. He knows how to coach



Robert Prescott

You can't do math :)

Robby Miller


Nell Zhang

Team cory

Jay Rapley

Dimetap with Murder Jack Patillo 2K18

erik martinez

I was watching this then wheel of fortune came on my tv

Hardik Dave

The most innocent person who has the ability to make millions laugh with his jolly face the man who passed his full life to make people laugh hats off to you Mr Bean u proved that there are no words required to understand a feeling only expressions are enough

Lisa McCrissican

The face cam editing for the Gmod games is definitely some of the best. When Jeremy's face popped into the corner at 25:58 with the voice he was doing, I almost lost it.


Im 21 and have 2.8 million saved

Mohd Asri Pandir 98

Mister??????It's Sir Rowan Atkinson

Jakub Voracek

I had a goal called back because of goalie interference in the 3v3 mode so I know for a fact it is a penalty in nhl 3s.

Virgil Sanders

Me sittin here watchin this amazin babby boy do a heckin meme time while eatin me lucky charms

looper Kz

Gavin: This would be a good game to do the once youre dead, youre dead thingUs: Still waiting for that video...

Danial Willis

This is Michael's training for when he's a father

braden kane

What fuck room is this?- Jack

Scarpa Henrique

At 14:00 it is confusing because I would think the market was going up and I would think it was on a uptrend. I would buy and lose money. You do not talk about the trigger candle and the confirmation candlethat shows me that the market has taken an uptrend or a downtrend. I have found some much better patterns for some currency pairs but they only only work for some pairs and for certain time frames.

the Sean show

You vs my friend usher the crusher

A Poynta

The michael and Gavin Fad part is killing me, you want a bundle of sticks :'D

Brooks Yang

You got a delay of game because the goalie

Matthew Brock

wait so how to they chose teams

Bruinsfan 28

5:42 chills, everytime, GO BRUINS (respect to the Blues)

Blank World

Adams face at 7:05



Jerry D

Credit card company contacted me while back told me in a letter they was going to reduce my credit line from many thousands of dollars to less then six thousand being they acknowledge that I was using their card but not using most of all the thousands of the credit line felt I should only have about one third of it as my credit line?? an absolute joke.. I contacted them to tell them because I am given a credit line it is my line of credit that it is there in any event of an emergency if I need to use it, I am certain that they didnt like the fact that I pay off the card every month when I receive the bill that I believe they dont like being they was not making any finance charges off me but realistically they was making money off the merchant regardless, I told them to reverse their decision or I will close my checking account with them if they did not, they did agree to reverse this crazy idea of theirs kept my line of credit as it was.


Nobody is going to comment on the way they were pronouncing Brown Recluse? Am I really the only one that was annoyed by it?


How does this seat with many other mindvalley talks and ideas that say we are co-creators of our worlds. What about law of attraction and the idea that we have a hand in how we progress through life and what we draw to ourselves?