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Cristian Delgado

Lol thank god I’ll be graduating with zero student loan debt for my bachelors. And my masters will get paid by my employer .

Michael Montanaro

I know it's been years but with all hobbit and dwarf mentions and all the purple and orange talk it was pretty funny who ended up there

mike armstrong

Can you do knee hockey pls


This is so dope. Do more hockey

BrilovesKurtHummel Briones

Santana's beautiful!!!I love her she's beautiful!

Kalpesh Panchal

You made it simple, clear and precise. Thanks Susan, I'm subscribed.

Kevin Crabtree

Fans vote for the matchups. That way we get what we want.


There needs to be more of these!! :)

House Music by dattrax

Not sure how many people that I know have jobs that have this or anyone who has worked for the same company for over 10 yrs.


"We can get 70k Likes in..2 days"Me: "it already has 70k likes, in a hour"He lied to us

Solar BeachBum

Gents blew a 2-0 lead


Jeff is willing to go the extra mile.... IN A TUTU!!! Hahaha

Ben Barson

Michael- "Dont be you Jeremy. Dont be you."Me- "SHOOT TF OUT OF HIM MICHAEL ITS HIM!!!" Lol


tmark500 its not suposed to be blaine!!... watch the video that the other person told you! He is the "Miniwarbler", he is famous cuz he love the warblers and he has videos singing and dancing to the covers that the warblers did! And he and his videos become that famous that he even was in the 3D movie!hope that answer :)oh! and Idk if its right what I said I don't really speak english!