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You can talk with faculty

You can talk with faculty

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Gerald quotBuddyquot Meeks,

Gerald quotBuddyquot Meeks,

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Ryan is such an asshole....


pizzateig ist immer vegan..

Timothy Liles

One thing to do with Cav if you are good with Jackle, you can trace of foot prints

Jasper Brown

Something interesting I just thought of. Dave is against the tax free loan to the govt, but doesn’t mind paying higher interest on those balances when working through baby step 2...I’m fully aware of the philosophical reason why to pay on those smaller balances first just makes me For the record I’ve been a Dave guy for 10 years and am working my through steps 4-6.


lets go 150k here we go

Jakob Tanner

1st. But lemme just say, I'm so glad you made another one of these. Thank you so much

Jesse Altic

I love gavin

Savannah Bennett

brody 100%

Beem B

damn i wish i was this smart. I feel like they should make a movie of this, recreating the development of the game through to the end

Albin M


Laura Ashley


Robert Simpkins

Dave really gets a kick out of cheap jeans.


Your the best

Martin Guagliano


Raccoon Gamer

Jack : I don’t think I have a pork chop on me...Geoff : Pork Chop Army?


I just recently watched like the last 5 episodes

BlueMoonKnight Deeja

wow! Very cool! you have a beautifull voice!


I dislocated my elbow just watching this

Jelly Bean

The squid sisters are cousins


great vid man

Edmund Hartzell

The words to these songs was lost 10,000 years ago in a sea of tears.

Charlie Brock

Such a great movie. Terrific acting, touching and great story, I'm not an A's fan but after I watched this movie, if my team isn't in the playoffs, I root for the A's just because I want billy Beane to finally win haha

Caspar Lapthorne

I've known about FF most of my life and I've only seen the trailer for the latest game. I get you Gavin