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The Sex in Australia Study organised a sub-set of

The Sex in Australia Study organised a sub-set of

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Lance Zale

Sound track is trash but ok

David Nelson

How the Hell is Auston Matthews only 83 overall even though he was 91 overall last year?

Split Sundae

I love the fact that there are 2 runways in the north but matt chose the highway with traffic to set the planes. 200 iq move

Jared Ebbe

Geoff screaming as he scores 0 points is my favorite thing.

Kal El

A part of me died after the streak had ended .


wtf have these guys forgotten they been there or lied and they have not been to Nuerburgrin, yes there is graffiti on the track.

Goth AI

Malevolent overlord Geoff may be my favorite thing in the world.

Orion Hunt

Shrink the schedule to 62 games once Seattle joins the league then put all 32 teams in the playoffs, 1 v 32 format.

Svetlana Randle


eksempler l

what do you think about the kwik hands system?i bought your system by the way:)

Kevin Allen

I swear that this video had 20 million views

April Jefferson

jeff... scott...is your next pc gonna be named soto?


Who cares if gamertags are censored, why is Adam's game sound so muffled?Side note, why the hell did they make the devs make the epic rarity color orange? Everyone knows the rarity color scale is grey/white are common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and orange/gold are legendary.

Captain Clutch

jacks a cock man.


8 x 4 is 32. Not 27 ya dingus

Vytautas Nar

Lebron is using Kobe free throw routine... just saying.

Aliabbas Abbas Nazioni y

Fate schifo

Zachary Scott

If Jeremy was there, why have Alfredo? Asking for a friend.

Nicole Teel

this game looks fucking awesome! too bad its cod


What control does he play on


Is this on nhl 19 or 18