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Damn at 4:10 Adam did that dope ass no-scope. Almost shit my pants


I love Minecraft I've been around since day one but where da 7 days to die at I needed something else to watch after this

Connor Nelson

Try resigning some of the players during the year that you don't think you'll keep for the next year. Then you can trade them at the draft to clear the cap and still sign who you want, and your aren't losing players for nothing. Like so xtech can see

super sean hockey 92

No that second discard pack was absolutely trash like how EA is

Guido GL

It’s really pathetic the way that progressive’s default position is always to be on the side of criminals.


38:30 buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

James Stevens

Can we get an ultimate chicken horse rekt compilation? Cause that'd be fun.

John Salazar

Art Howe should have been played by Bruce Willis -- the look would have been more accurate.


Idiot, we wanna see Canada home arena

Ethen 17

Imagine if your name was helmet

Oliver T.

Long shot bitte auf youtube

WMM Wonkelmore

Adam, I think you should keep the Granny Towel look for every game you play from now on :)

George Pritchard

try playing as Tiqtaq'to with all fireleech bolas an 1-2 chameleon skinks. You can bring their upkeep very close to zero and buff their attack and ammo. I do this all the time on legendary an dwin the majority of my battles without a single death.

Benedikt Dannenhauer

Es gab einen Wrack hinweis

Frank Robinson

forgot to add in my last comment ive watched your explanation of xG headed MORE xGUNDERNEATH xG tried info gol on twitter but just showed foreign football pictures

The Electrical Hub


Jack Wilkins

Please always keep cool not cool in overtime it’s like the best section...

Anina Kamei

Heeeeyyyyyy!!!! DEEEP is sven's son!!

yllwmitsu19 ehh

I agree with his belief but $100 saved every month for 40 years doesn’t even make 100 thousand.. it’s less than 60K. I missed something?