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The Microsoft IT Academy is a

The Microsoft IT Academy is a

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Lets meet in the middle and assume a

Lets meet in the middle and assume a

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William Bennett

Weird nhl always has the devils scoring on Schneider. I think it’s rebuild time

Celestial Wing

lol so Mad King actually became a super villain? XD

hey! dude!


wolfram vann

So Mike Moustakas was still in TRiple AAA during this time? :p

Diamond Patton

I swear every time I watch a video on YouTube a damn destiny ad pops up. It’s so annoying.


Perfect timing loool 23:11


time to binge watch these


Kimi could have win Brazil gp too without webber dirty move on first lap


if he didn't have her pics, couldn't she just take some and send them to him?

Rufus The dufus