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And if it was, we can't help

And if it was, we can't help

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The best poker players have

The best poker players have

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Assistance in Alumni/Alumnae coordinator

Assistance in Alumni/Alumnae coordinator

WordPress itself includes a robust commenting system.In the statement, he criticized Trumps divisive comments about team owners firing player for protesting, saying they showed quotan unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.How focused your blog is on a particular subject is up to you.Is reading fluency a key for successful high school reading?It is a great place to get direct traffic to your website and also to get an SEO benefit as videos regularly show up in the first page of search results (SERPs) on Google.The program attempts to bridge the gap between public and private tuition, by extending grants to private school students.While the red carpet is usually all about Hollywood's who's who, the talk of this years event was model Kelleth Cuthbert aka FijiGirl.Now by strong I don8217t mean a lot of followers.

olim olim

Great video but when i select a video it shows upside down what to do?

Jesper Andersson

Since when did Minecraft become Kerbal?


finchel damn auto correct


No evolution since 15

Jose Muniz

Not directed towards Brainstormed. Only to all the other internet warriors: Josh is a great guy and provides amazing content for the NHL community. This game makes most people get worked up. If it doesn't, it's because you are horrible at the game and act like you don't care so you don't have to admit that you are mediocre at best. I watched this game live and completely felt what Joshy was feeling because I also hate losing. Also, it's almost 2020, and there are still mindless sheep that say "salt." - Go back to your dungeons.

Vixen Ichigo

It's like Dad decided to play with the kids, lol, kinda cute :)

Law Williams

Geoff: "Who gives me- Aight. I have three meetings tomorrow at the exact same time. How is that possible?"Gavin: Who's your assistant?"Geoff: Uh, supposed to be you I thought."I laughed a little at that xD

Les Barry

D9 a conchroler cam

Greg Jones

Put it into his condo before stocks or mutual funds? Hmm.


24:17 LOL

Jim Lahey

Jack was thinking of the tv show

Halby G

Gavvy's second lap on the last race was fantastic! Almost everything first try. That lap was almost 2 mins shorter than Jack's best lap, and more than 2 minutes shorter than Michael's and Jeremy's. Ofc Ryan and Geoff never finished a single lap.


I don’t think final jeopardy should mean you have to risk it all. It makes the rest of the game pretty much irrelevant. Maybe like you have to risk at least half, or enough that if you got it wrong and someone else got it right wagering it all they could win? Maybe the same for daily doubles, it’s more fun when there’s a little strategy in it, but also rules that require certain amounts from you.


Paradisiaque !

keegan MacIntyre

you stink


My cousin is a 2nd line forward on the PA Raiders

Kyle Weber

What video are they referencing at 38:00?

James Vartivarian


Eoin Kenny

Boy the people who are fucking talking can't do half of the stuff Sidney Crosby can do

Skull Dan

You came for 40:00

Andrew Snyders

34:56 this scene is probably the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.


I have NHL 18 young stars edition and I love it and mascot mode


I saw a top at Macys for $35 but I thought it was too much.It got marked down, it was animal print, red, I got it for $26 with some coupon deal.It was shipped to me free.Negotiated.I have been a saver for years. I have loan people money and they never gave it back, including family members.I don't do that any more.I have never had cable, I go to half price book store or the libraries.My cell phone was $30 and it works just fine. I have never purchase a pocket book for more than $50.I give nicely to my churches in my life.My mom used to send me to bank only to deposit and I am a Caribbean woman. I am trying to get my 401(k) to at least 500,000 in the next ....

Faze Breaker

I’m going to subscribe in 5 4 3 2 1 nothing I just subscribe

Canned Mustache

You guys are so bad, i can complete this without even dieng

Kolbe Viator

More like kamikaze passes