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They looked like

They looked like

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Automattic continues to build in new features to

Automattic continues to build in new features to

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Whats the importance of self-love or being kind

Whats the importance of self-love or being kind

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Michael's victory noise makes him sound like Dunkey

Alex Kidwell

The sha-riff won't like it....


Closest I've gotten to a pack like that was a legend St. Louis and Evo Kane in the same pack

6 ..

Cassandra Horton

The most beautiful episode ever. . . <3

ShadowViper7Z Shadvi7Z

U forget emotions to replace them for other things...thats scary


Hi! How many chapters of FAR does the Roger CPA Review cover? Thank you for the video.

Marquez GOAT


Fish Spanker

Today is my 22nd birthday and I can’t say how lucky I am that this song was released before today.

Dillon Brandon

"I'm out of ammo, how do i get ammo?" You aren't and you can't. XD Geoff wasnt reloading his guns, just shooting then switching

Dennis Rodriguez

"you think you’re going to beat the credit card companies that study your behavior more than YOU study your own behavior", Well, I don't wanna sound too proud, but I actually study my own mind, situation, finances, and even cc companies very much. I don't need to beat them, but i can remain totally free from the possible risks that come with the credit cards. Dude, if you own a credit card, I can do it too. Ty for the warning though.

Bryan Lipscomb

At least the Hornets won in the thumbnail