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Joining a mentor will shorten dramatically

Joining a mentor will shorten dramatically

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You wont stand

You wont stand

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Jack I like you but if you don't understand the significance of Trump walking on North Korean soil don't talk about it please, especially in a worms let's play it's not the time or the place


I wanna see road to a shutout with the glove and blocker on


You should have the roles on the description. It's just a nice thing to do.

Vincent Smiley

I can't believe Lindsay read "the hot zone" to completion-that book was so stressful and terrifying

Metroid Hunter

can you guys please play Monster Hunter: World when it comes out in January

NocX Eagle

I LOVE UR VIDS you made me the best peewee B player in my team the croud loved me and i credited u to everyone




Jack looks exactly like John Mcclane


Wah, when did Ryan get so hot lol

Sir Prize

Thought Lexington Steel was a building in the US. Was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Nick Anderson

moves to cheaper locationFinds out their job that laid 50k a year in their old town now only pays 25k in the new town. Now doesnt even qualify to buy a home. Then realize people like dave Ramsey are only rich because he prays on stupid people.


RIP ethnic Trevor's future kids

J.A. Barns

Does anybody else remember Treasure Planet? It's my favorite Disney movie, yet my family all think it doesn't exist.


I thought the pens definitely won. They got Marleau, one of the greatest players of all time, Connor Sheary, a great player, and Rodrigues, a solid depth grinder. They basically just lost Kahun.

David Farley

Chicago only scored 3? That’s like the second worst ever when Pittsburgh only scored 2 against Boston in the 2013 Conference Finals

Sarah Galloway

8:00 so much anger at the fact none of them could say gazebo.

Jeffrey Heide

Thanks man that really helped me out i sucked so bad

Large Boi