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I'm really confused

I'm really confused

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Lets face it sometimes, everything you

Lets face it sometimes, everything you

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The most important element of

The most important element of

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thank you


45:57 has never been done better, imho.Sublime.

Alex Gergert

Top 16 ist so oder so genial

Angael Tartar Rose

"..animals, y' know, are very, very important to people, because you care about them."

Mystic Wolfie Wolfie


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Why did Grimsley check the runners with nobody on during the first pitch? Haha

Maineiac fishing

I like Trevor but it's like imitation crab meatNah Trevor's alright



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Does anyone have a Xbox beta code

Gavin D

I hoe you know when he skates to the side then shoots left or right when skater the opposite side but also when he goes straight up to the net then skates next to bob it’s called a glitchy goal because it’s impossible for the goalie to stop it so they are bad not you

L. K. Castro

so much passion, love, no words... it makes me vibrate, even feelings moving on my chest area... wohooo!!!