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Either they are working a job and building

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Ela Kilic



can we pretend charlie was the bastard of the wibblebob family

Rob M

They are jets not smarties

Thomas MacMillan

is this Bruce leaving FH of AH???

Phuc Ngo

32:18 like cena

shahnila aslam

Thank you sir.

Sean S.



Ryan/Gavin's character really looks like Rafe from Uncharted 4

Raymond Botello

OMFG I am dying here. The laying on the ground shit is so damn funny.

Angry Cuck

Holy shit me and Ryan are alike

Kuan Hau

It's only a competitive advantage when it is a competitive advantage. A team sport relies less on individuals than baseball so many directors of football have made quite the transfer errors.

Nylda Diaz

im crying so much holy crap

Corey Sova

Kane's was my favorite

Sports Gamers Online

Our NHL 18 Review is Up! Check it out here:

Ryan Dumont

in franschise mode do they ha the allstargame


That ddr thing made me think of monty

Moises Lopez

the kid had heart problems, nothing to do with the mafia


Here's a fix for CTTXX, when you are re-doing the tower placement thing, you should put a block of bedrock 6 blocks up from the stone, or 5 blocks up from the obsidian. Then, when you have the other tower, you only need to look up and place twice, rather than destroy the 2 blocks and build up 4. Makes the most sense with the arena design you currently have.


Someone needs to remix this so bad


audi s4 damn... that's like 50k

jam pasion

Its not easy tobe meeeee