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Android phone users can select hundreds of applications.

Android phone users can select hundreds of applications.

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Motorcycle insurance depending on class

Motorcycle insurance depending on class

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The whispers are a bit distracting

Joey Taylor

24:37 when Gavin realized he got 1 Netherrack and Soul Sand

Blake Ference

I swear to God if vasy wins the vezina I will throw up


And we arrive at part 9, where everyone is doing alright. Theyve learned from early mistakes, attempt tactics that make sense, and have listened to people in the comments on past parts. Except jack, who continues to use a bonestock weapon, mark on cameras and drones, and try dumb tactics including "break the window on obj room and expect anything but a quick death". This wouldnt be as bad, except jack is again constantly whining about the game being bullshit when in reality hes just fucking worthless.


The thing I will remember most about this video was at 6:42 Jeff "How's that my fault?!"Michael "Uuhhhh cause you did it"

Lisa Shannon

Not funny, I really thought they would of been, but to much showing off.

Damon Bradshaw

Omg. Step 1. Do not ask Dave Ramsey about spending any money. He is an idiot. He fully admits that if everybody followed his advise it would collapse the economy


oh for the love of............man, okay guys at lets play, let me just say that i love what you do and all, but jesus, don't you think this ''git gud'' thing has worn out its welcome. i mean you made 9 videos of it on rainbow six siege, over 4 videos of it on PUBG, and now your going back to rainbow six siege? i can't be the only one thinking this, but this joke has gotten old. i hope you guys will play something else soon, other than that, you guys are awesome.

Tex The bad ass


Kingpin Quack

On the journey to watch and comment on every Minecraft let's play. Hi o/




I understand in these older videos why people thought Ryan and Jack had the same voice, but it's only because Ryan talks completely monotone the entire time such as right here 16:06

Tory YT

And here I was thinking that I'm bad at video games

Kyle Roach

I have some extra codes for Xbox 1, anyone want em?