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I still didn’t get it!! Question I’m 32 and I have $30k saved up.. Where and how do it invest it? (By the way, I’m debt free)

Adam Davelaar

Flint firebirds


can we get a video where the AH guys do a watergun war? because that would be awesome!

Ian Roulette

I still play this game everyday, btw you should insert the bennie hill theme song when you were waiting for the 2nd period to start lol

Ryan Smith

That’s not correct, you can contribute Roth into a qualified 401(k), the main difference is a qualified 401(k) has an IRS limit of $19,000, $6,000 for catch up, and allows pre and after Tax dollars, non qualified plan are typically deferred compensation plans and it mainly for the executives of a company and non qualified plans could be subject to discrimination unlike a qualified plan.


4:52 Geoff, the great equalizer!!!!

Belle Rentch

So apparently this is one of the most hated AH Minecraft video...You're all aware that this was for comedy, not competition right?

Tiger F5-E

Find a car thats cosmetically good but has one or two mechanical problems (do research ofc), buy it for cheap (also haggle) then open up the hood borrow a few tools if you have to and fix the issues, provided youre comfortable with what youre getting into and at the end of it you will have saved thousands...I know because as a recently graduated trade school student im in the process of fixing some mechanical and surface rust issues on my otherwise good condition 00 rav4 that was handed down from my grandma and the difference between fixing up the old girl vs getting into even a used car is about 15k including taxes and interest vs about 5k in parts for ole reliable )


46:05 - 46:11 XD

Joey Chaplin

Nobody heard Jack at 29:35, I'm so disappointed

Eliyah Montgomery

I feel like after he won so many, Matt should have just..........gone to his meetings. Because he’s being even more of a dick than usual.

Domenic Avellino

I normally dont get annoyed watching gameplay, but it was so frustrating watching them play this...



Gabriela Cintora-Mendez