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This certainly has not been

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I forgot 5Alive was a drink until I saw this video near the end, looking at '5 left' after Michael called it out. Looks like its only available at Walmart in Canada, which explains why I haven't seen it in so long. Ever since coming back to Canada, no reason to go to Walmart, can't get guns OR ammunition there.

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seekgat sondcool

Reid Allen

I know he’s kind of a staple due to his being hilariously bad five years ago. But seriously, do we need Gavin in these Worms videos anymore? It’s bad enough when he forces everyone to play under his dumb house rules because he throws a fit if anyone dares use a bazooka. But then he spends half the time trying to hide and fortify himself. If he doesn’t want to play that badly, I think the series can survive without him.

elias Bartl

Bei mir flackert der Ball bei den Wiederholungen.


Still trying to stay patient. So far I could resist from buying back in too much, only like 5% so far. Keeping 45% cash for further lows.

David Benson

The last one was fucked! At the last fraction of a second.

Matthew Megwa

Tbh u picked toooo much defense and missed a lot of forwards

Jarren Morgan

Lol Crosby picked up 12 minutes in the Box

Iam Chillfreak

Love the videos. Watched it a lot of times.


they shouldve named this video cringe fest. They know nothing about pc Minecraft!

hayden braden

Fuck off you are big noob

Mike Madden

Dude..raid sucks..you shouldn't of taken the deal..


When you're in an open relationship and crippled by fear, then you're not the one who is in said relationship, you're just the guy who is paying. Also this guy has nothing new to tell, he just copy pastes what others like J. Peterson have said. Sometimes he even brings the same analogy and pretends they're his owns... though, to be fair his monotone voice during the whole interview reveals this lack of authencity.

Agent Zeeda

I miss ray he was way better than jeremy

Paul Jewson

"Let me tell you a secret right now, Ryan- alcohol has never hurt me."Proceeds to play worst game of minigolf ever.

Bob Rob

intent to blow the whistle is the worst

Shane McCarthy

It's a cool product but it isn't worth it for 4k


Democrats "bring on the recession!"

Its XerolYT

Bruins in 2 r/technicallythetruth

Tropical Gamer

Bro restart the gm and upgrade some people like Radulov cause he should be better

The Immortal Sun-kun

50:44 ( )

Patrick Kennedy

Yeah, this was just normal conversations between Ryan, Gavin and Ray

Amendment 2

Melanie... you’ve got to let Superman go. You’re married. You’ve got to get over this. Right?

It's Tanner

and once again the dekes look like ass. miss the good old days


Gunner glasses... damn I wish I was the smart person that thought of something so ridiculous to get stupid people to buy into and get rich off them.I laugh at anyone that buys them in hopes of anything at all.Blue light is bad for you and your eyes... HAHAHAH that really cracks me up.

Jared Thompson

I figured out why there are so many variants of Copper in the game: you're using a collection of mods, which means that there's overlap between some of the mods in terms of materials. You have three different mods that each place their own version of Copper in the game.

Mayanne Alvao

Boyce Avenue os melhores, amo amo

1000 Subs With no videos

Last year they got destroyed by preds they did not even win a game against them but they’re better then the oilers