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Once you've narrowed

Once you've narrowed

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The first thing you should

The first thing you should

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The things you feel compelled to do.

The things you feel compelled to do.

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Imagine if they had a decent hockey game to play


I loved Lindsay in this video and part 2!

Drew Seager

Rusty's house or the pokecave


I know James is the most handsome man to ever live, but he's still barely worthy of Elyse. Funniest human.

TheYGuy 95

This stuff happened to me in 15 all the time, hence why I didn't buy 16 and probably won't buy 17.

Rebecca Segovia

Oh, my god, is this the game that Gavin made Jeremy rage about in Off Topic??? If you don't know what I'm mentioning, it's this link.


It wasn't until 26:47 I realised Jeremy looked weird because he had hair.

Emanuel A.

Pes ist echt nice muss ich schon sagen

Trey Whittemore

The way he uses music to suggest what’s happening is throwing me on an emotional roller coaster


How in the hell is Gavin so good at this game? I can barely see what's going on most of the time and he's flipping around like a jedi.

Owen Murray

Jack shitting on something because he doesn't know what it means, or has never heard of it. Typical Jack


thank you

CPJ Thompson

How does Jeremy still not get how to use the twitch drone??

Alxnos- Cool

Hello to you that listening to this scrolling through the comments ..

PapaRod 61

I just noticed the rangers don’t have one

David Blackez

Please do the game deciding goals after a disallowed goal I have never seen that on YouTube, you would be the first

Melody Ho

i just laughed through the whole thing