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To do this right, youll need to look

To do this right, youll need to look

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16:00 Im pissed off that no one acknowledged that amazing joke gavin made.

Morgan Freeman

7:58 I legitimately thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen due to how hard I was laughing!

Broken Beta

I feel like Gavin likes to play Shrodinger's cat with Ryan's pets/experiments


It makes me sad that Geoff is separated :(

Beckham Taggart

Krooooooooog not krug

D Lira

Elyse is a blessing to Earth.

sierraink katana

100% should be on GTA.

Lullaby Gaming ASMR

Harry potter spotted top left screen.... 15:42

Jessica Lengyell

If I pay for the luxury steak dinner, would you speak nothing but real estate stories all night.That would be very sexy!Seriously )


Items like that are not particularly easy to liquidate.


This song is a cathartic experience for me every time I hear it.As I grow older and love ones start to fade away, I commit to loving my family as hard as I can.This song makes me cry every time I hear it and I play it on purpose sometimes just for that reason.

John Webb

could you do more of hermit craft vids. love ur vids keep it up


How’d you like to be the actual emergency goalie who took a rare night off and Ayres gets to go in ....

Cristian Almonte

13:40 X'Di need it a good laugh, tnks c=

Hyper Sonic

Tides challenge and GAVIN was in it!


"Tampa is clearly, easily the better team" welp... that aged well

Junk Drawer

fallout 4 is one of my fav games period, tbh. fell in love with the characters/stories/etc.

Hilmar Thor Durham

Geoff, 2nd place is the first loser...

Robert Kelly

The Flood and the rock falling trying to smash me and Space Mama 2nd encounter is where I got stuck as a kid throwing control down in frustration.