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As with other MLM business opportunities all you

As with other MLM business opportunities all you

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Chris Brussell

Dear god Matt is so ugly. Like come on man do something with that hair already


Lol Jamie Ben hits him to the boards and gets a penalty or something but I did and the refs do nothing?

Savage Dickhead

Its stunning Steve Austin

The Real Sean W. Stewart

I thought Jeremy was going to fill his pool with blood lol


I completely forget why I disliked this video.

The Killrex

Fix your video it's not working for me and in the comments I see it's not working for alot of people

Brandon Head

0:29 Patrick Kane and Connor Mcdavid look identical on this shootout attempt

oddom 22


Grisile HNNW



19:50 sounds like some less known blink 182 song


What about Premiere Rush? Any other new additions missed?


Without Mitchell this program would be much better ... he is a complete tool

brayden chavez

this has to be fake since the devils have the first pick


YOU KNOW that if adam can use a sniper than they NEED to be nerfed lol

Design Doc

1:04:30 to be fair, that's a bad version of Sonic 2. There's some input delay so it's hard to recommend playing that version.

your local fox girl

Only one person was credited with the online multiplayer development and quality assurance


Lord, I once had to deliver a gift to an animal but he left the town the day after so I couldn’t get rid of his item in my inventory. I couldn’t drop, sell, trade or put in a storage :(

Zerolile Delphinicus

So you guys want Tiny Tina to die but Claptrap to live...ok you 2 are on my dislike list now

Andrew Hong

Song at 7:45 is family and loyalty by Gang starr ft j cole its

Declan Handley-Byrne

I think Michael killed Richard Kiel.

Zerobrine /anon

-57 races left

Zachary Giarnieri

Bo and Crew, not sure of you guys have planes to play Snowrunner when it comes out. But your Spintires/Mudrunner videos are one of my favorite series of yours. War Thunder can only go so far.

iTheman 6s

53:07 I can’t believe they didn’t even notice.


Great to hear a proper song with the '80s vibe. It would definitely fit there. There's still good music, without ostentatious lyrics and demoralizing videos.

Hidden TableSalt

I get freedom of creativity and all but wow. They are literally ripping off Seananners and the Derp Crew at this point. What happened to original content?


I honestly want an AH animated about Geoff learning Matt’s middle name and Team Ringle Dingle

Jasmin Chaudhary



Panik panicked

Ewan Taylor

"You're worse than Herod!" Gavin with the sick biblical references.