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We are now moving into the

We are now moving into the

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It turned out to be one-to-one tutoring.

It turned out to be one-to-one tutoring.

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Thomas Morrison

A combination of nature and nurture makes people poor.You need good role models and/or parents, good health (e.g., physical and mental health), a good work ethic,good decision making skills, and sufficient opportunities to succeed.Change any of these factors and it becomes much harder to stay out of poverty.It does not matter what political party you choose.I know millionaire Republicans and millionaire Democrats.Race should not be a major factor either in the USA.

pete smyth

the accent? bit of South African with the Aussie..


he sounds like the joe bidenre guarding the market........ and i sold stocks with hairy legs and black kids wanted to touch them and i like having kids on my lap....



Does anyone else have a delay in the audio? like they mention things before they happen by just a second?

Steven Hubbs

BTC is 81% positively correlated to the SP 500.

Bored yeah

When did achievement Hunter become so pc? its getting annoying af.

NamelessTomb Productions

I see a mlp plush on the shelf who is it?


That anikan killing the younglings refenece was on point.

Football Kid



jack comma or no comma at one point deductive reasoning should kick in -.- why would the word after you already have salmon and herring why would the last word be crap with the title living thing!!! seriously you have a B and a C the theme so far has been sea life and its a living thing for fucks sake its not a hard thing even people on the real wheel of fortune when they dont know something that simple they try and put the first letter in and test words out to see if it fits


Anyone else see those numbers in the top left of the screen?



H0ckeyplayer 35


Will Goelz

1. NHL 15 sucked. I agree.2. NHL 16 was alright a good push in the right direction3. NHL 17 was a huge difference from the previous games, I enjoyed it way more than 16.4. NHL 18 looks amazing Threes and Expansion mode are both game changers for me.Don't get me wrong. NHL doesn't get nearly the attention from developers as Madden or FIFA, but these games aren't the same. They have tons of work put into them every year, and 18 isn't any exception.


This dude is a multi millionaire by making red stone videos on minecraft. Just.. just take that in for a second

Dennis Smith

No Fiona? I can actually enjoy an AH video?


I fast forward to the end to receive Poo's instructions.