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bodhi casey

hmmmmmmmm so hiring a hitman isn't illegal but biting someones mouth is.Curiosity:100000


ok but brad pitt was a very bad actor

Keo Sopanha

Laser beam can you play mad city


Sorry, but Datsyuk's goal stands as 1.He had the goalie out of the crease and could have driven a Zamboni into the net.

Shadowhunter Books

victoria is in canada


Honestly, I think the unfairness isn’t the enemies or the weapons or the nametags, that is all a part of the challenge, the unfairness is things like the Gents breaking the ladder leading to the last floor and saying not to break the enemy dispensers and then when it was their turn they broke the enemy dispensers.


If you are a goalie there is a subreddit dedicated to the EA NHL series goalie for any of the NHL games. Find us at /r/EANHLGoalie. We have over 200 goalies as of this comment.

manuel marquez

Was this re-upload?

Sophia Smith

gavin: "when are we ending minecraft? i mean everything ends at some point, do you think it'll be like 2016?" me, watching this again in 2018: right... yeah, 2016....

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What does home ice advantage mean again?

Kevin Mulvaney

U could make the tiara thing from botania that gives you creative flight

2k God

Lurinski should be so much higher bro I love you keep up the work you helped be beat a kid named VKratz

Efren Arevalo

If RE3 gets delayed, y'all guys know who to blame.

Nicholas Anthony

14:30 close you eyes and listen.I dare you


It took 24 minutes for the goshdarn race to start :3


The place I worked at in rural Massachusetts had a rig that was set up so that a crew would just roll it down the length of the rink and the misters would evenly coat the surface layer by layer.We'd roll it back and forth once to get the initial layer, then a few more times with the white mixed in, paint the lines and logos and everything, and then pass over a few more times with clear water to solidify everything. After that it was just a matter of fixing any spots that were missed or over iced. All in all the process took a full day