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Jeremy: "Gavin you did not get more kills than me."Me: "Yeah, but he got a better KDR."

Steve Warren

This guy is a nut job. Without credit, life in modern society would look like the dark ages.


the Mad King is back, and I love it.

Cam On YT


Jonathan Kim

Nash is cash :)

Bill Stone



Play Classic WoW :)

Peter Yapp

was i the only one that saw the title "Credits" and thought they were quitting the series and had a mini heart attack

human person


Sam Sacuta

when Ryan finally went "...oh, area." I laughed harder than I have in years


I like the AH crew as a whole, but Michael can just be annoying to listen to at times, especially when he does his whole kiss ass routine to Geoff.

Alex Rybczyk

lmao they are so stupid

Isaac Brito

Who is seeing this after Tampa got swept


250 solo victory royals?Time for this default skin learn how to sweat

nigel price

The biggest danger to the survival of Our Mother Earth and Her Dear Creatures is the human racing towards doom-point, in trumpet-blasts of self-righteous glee...those who are Harmonious with Nature's Intent, with non-argumentative adoration of The Feminine will witness the Creation Resurgence...just be Yourself, bow into Humility through the Ferment inside you that Suffering brings and with Magic New Eyes and All Senses...Just BE! Nigel Harris PriceBA HonsCert EdMIfL (call me Sensei, not Master)