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I will recommend you to all

I will recommend you to all

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Brett Voss

love this series guys,please keep doing them! :)

Galaxy Mew

Dang hearing that City Folk Music brings back some memories..

Fei Long

Billy Beane is at it again. 2018 Oakland A's is back!


Nice hammering on the point, i like it.Other shows used short clips of this interview, this longer segment shows how much crap he also said.The Insane Clown President, Tramp, he really is a delusional con artist.I think the blonde chick in the background moved to the front just to see his face when pulling stuff out of his ass.


Git Gud this!

Webster Bros



I'm 100% with Dave on this: you've got to find something to do during retirement.A person cannot do nothing.And the thing you do needs to be somewhat substantive and meaningful too, not just playing golf or bingo.Look at other retirees for ideas.I've seen people teach courses in local schools, perform in local theaters, run Youtube channels (like Dave is doing), ... an activity not of frivolity, but of substance that could sustain you long term.

Albert U.

Es gibt glaub ich kaum einen besseren Kanal wenn man selbst ein Auto besitzt!

Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere


Faris Ibrahim

I bet Marty brodeur would've loved to call a coach's challenge for goaltender interference

robert gotze


igo poopoo

Didn't realise arm wrestling was so technical no wonder i always lose!



hushili achumi

Cher personification was the BEST for me. I mean the hair, the voice, the expressions, the face, makeup ufffff too real that it was a pleasure to see that specific show

Quentin Wolfe

How To Make Jack Happy 101:1. Put him in a big chainsaw machine2. Results

Beth Porter

2019 anyone?

Nicolas Audet

the hut synergies like RS,S,TN that work the three are worth or no?


I think the Devils will make it


Who else while looking at this thought it was the periodic table? LIKE YOU CANT LIE IT DOES LOOK LIKE THE PERIODIC TABLE

Potty The Parrot

I wanna rock and roll al night>This is LA

Clorox Bleach

How much money are this?!