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Neo Gamer

Gavin is my least favorite achievement hunter and is really piece of shit


Love this one. Saved it. Building next spring. Will have to refer to many times I'm sure.

Shelby Babcock

I would love just having the last 4 minutes as a separate video.It makes me smile because it condenses so many funny moments.

Archana Mohan

i'm in love

Chaotic WJ

Why are you driving it over the trench?....because Geoff....that’s literally what tanks were invented for.


Just wanna say Congrats on 2M Subscribers u have deserved it, and i hope u get an other 2M later!!!

Max Ferguson

Now this vid is old

Daniel Francavilla

No idea how I found this guy, but I do subscribe to his newsletter and it's great!

Emmett Reynolds

Yo as a lifelong depressed senators fan, those honourable mentions made my day

James Goodman


William Thornton

Wheres ovechan jumping on the ref


22:18 fucking hilarious and probably true


Dance Party is by FAR the worst Chicky-Doo level.But it by FAR has the best music.

Empyro Blitz

1:06:50 If I had a dollar for every controller I lost doing this.

Kalvin Singh




Corey Potter

it might be cheating but when michael changed to Gavins skini thought the lads couldhave changed their skins to one of the gents


Hello, everyone. I just started making some gaming videos on YouTube, I'd really appreciate if someone would give me some tips on how I could improve my videos.

Curtis Eggleston

My Jan paycheck is 27.00 less than my Dec paycheck. I make 53k a year.

Lucas Wright

Omg nobody cares about your dangles just shoot the puck

Ashten Bryson

what year is this

Jake Makarov

18:45 Gavin sounds like the most aggressive televangelist.


Did the latest patch make the zone camera all funky? It feels really jerky to me now

Donald Lee Grim


Steve LaCroix

Best movie ever made IMHO


this is some real red pill stuff bro! :) awesome videoPS: is it bad that I kinda agree with the A.I.s?


6:50 Damn Daniel