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Now I know that

Now I know that

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TMF prioritizes creative

TMF prioritizes creative

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This was a great movie....


Nashville not making a major move was for the best, given their maddening inconsistency.

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Nice guy

cupcakemorrison x

youre a really good writer :) xx Can you please read my fanfiction!<3(:


That somewhat resembles our goal cannon

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is this video at double speed? theyre talking to fast. please stop


Was wondering why they laughed at Ryan's pronunciation of Patent.Didn't realise the US say it differently.

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Wow, 'waves' is great! And terrifying.

Until Today

I'm 72 I don't Know What They Talking About

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These secret celebrations.... that most if not all you can find in Create a Player/

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I mean 22:02


How are ya now?

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The Sloth Squad Raps

This series is more fire than Donald trumps hair line


Literally so frustrating every time Samm asked "Where is that?" Like, fucking use your eyes XD video was awesome, though.

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Im glad this got recommended to me 4 years later, i miss the old days

G Force

Hab heut 3luftfederungen bekommen


new and improved slender

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2 Ryans at 34:10

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I love Kurt/Chris Colfer. He has so many amazing abilities, sing, act, writing and probably too many to count! I just think he could do so much better than Blaine! Give the Kurt character a great person, he deserves someone better


Malcontinents..... Ryan has to be reading from a script.Shock I know.

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This is my dream


great band

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Definitely the worst king. Unprepared and didn't test anything to see if it would work.

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Jeremy saying why would you ever take the shield off and then for most of the video he has it off.

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For FUPA go to 39:39

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How can we create an xG model?

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Skip has been a Spurs fan for over 20 years. Now that they aren't winning, he's a Clippers fan. I'm confused. When did Skip become a Clippers fan. The ultimate bandwagon jumper..


reads paperYES